Revolutionising the way a business works

Sky IQ provides customer intelligence and data services to maximise marketing and advertising spend. We helped the team adapt its way of working to take full advantage of changes within the industry.

At the outset of the project, Sky IQ was in the process of developing a new product that would change how TV advertising is measured and bought. To coincide with this, the client needed a solution that would transition all 80 team members into a new company-wide strategic approach, including changes to roles and upskilling employees.


Our solution

We defined a new vision for Sky IQ: one team working together. The process began by engaging the team in a number of offsite activities, allowing us to identify challenges and create a strategy for how to overcome them.

These activities helped us to identify champions within the company, who could take ownership and drive forward necessary changes to the business. These changes would include developing training programmes, reviewing project approaches and adapting service management procedures.

To launch Sky IQ’s new way of working, we used a combination of workshops and physical media to connect every member of staff and place non-negotiable criteria at the forefront of the transition.


The result
  • Sky IQ were left with a recognisable and cohesive team identity – one that would help to push forward its bold new business strategy.
  • Individual team members felt connected and involved in the transition of the company, becoming more motivated and focused as a result.
  • A continually evolving company culture gives employees a relatable and relevant way of working, celebrating new and innovative approaches while building project revenue.


“Caroline’s customer-centric approach and fantastic communication means that she makes an immediate impact and gets long term results. I would highly recommend engaging Caroline if you have a need to get operational performance improvements or are looking to execute a complex business transformation plan.” – Nick McCarthy, Client Services Director, Sky

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