Turn your business vision into reality


Wide Eyed Group will help you create an effective strategy to achieve company goals, taking into account the ideas and ambitions of the whole team.

With two decades of corporate coaching experience, we’re ideally placed to come up with positive strategies that provide your team with practical steps for success.



Our process works like this:

  1. Vision and goal setting All teams need a vision and a goal to work towards in order to achieve success. We begin by creating a vision statement that encompasses the goals and focus of the team.
  2. Non-negotiables By outlining the most important aspects of strategy for each team member, we create a set of non-negotiable criteria that will set the tone for interactions between staff and provide clear working guidelines from the outset of every project.
  3. Reality checking Ensuring that the goals being set are achievable is necessary before moving forward. This stage encourages team members to think critically about their ideas and consider how they will be achieved.
  4. Obstacle identification Failing to identify obstacles before they manifest is a common stumbling block for success. Obstacles often come in the form of negative behaviours within the team – by recognising these in advance, we can create a clear strategy to overcome them.
  5. Action planning We complete the strategy session by identifying key priorities and focus areas, assigning ownership to various leaders within the team and agreeing on measures for continued success.


Why choose Wide Eyed Group?

Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, an executive coach and business consultant with 20 years of technical business experience and a proven record in helping companies tap into hidden leadership talent within their organisations.

By empowering individuals with practical advice and effective strategising techniques, Caroline helps businesses to maximise productivity and get more from their teams. Her consultancy services are accredited by the International Coach Federation.


Take ownership of your vision

Find out how our strategy and vision consultancy service could transform your business:

Create a culture for success


While company culture is often seen as an abstract concept, our approach provides concrete steps for businesses to create engaged, motivated and collaborative teams.

The way your employees work has a direct effect on the success of your business. But a new company culture cannot be imposed – it needs to grow organically within your organisation, using values and processes that everyone believes in. Our approach ensures buy-in from everyone in your organisation by involving the whole team.

We will focus on three key aspects of culture to improve the way of working within your business:

  1. Values: The values of a business should never be chosen by one person, but defined through consensus. We begin by outlining 10 values that everyone in your team agrees on, and narrow these down to five core values via democratic vote, giving everyone a say over the overall values of your business.
  2. Behaviours: In order to create a productive working environment, it is important to identify appropriate and inappropriate behaviours within the team. Everyone will be given a chance to voice their opinions on what behaviours they consider to be useful or damaging. Systems can then be put in place to ensure that the agreed behaviours are upheld.
  3. Interactions: Problems within a team often come down to poor communication. Agreeing on the best method and style of communication will benefit the organisation as a whole by allowing individuals to express their ideas without judgement. We will share practical techniques to enhance interaction in your team, giving everyone a chance to contribute.

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