Turning theory into practice

Do you sometimes struggle to convert great sounding advice into practical delivery?  That was one of the things I observed both from my own experience leading and also working with my clients.  Often the training course or advice sounds fantastic but when we try to implement it, we start to flounder, and revert to our previous way of working.

To address this I created this mini-course, it expands upon the tips for creating a vision and introduces team development workshop activity that will help you to develop your team.

Real life examples and practical examples

The course includes real-life examples, client stories and practical exercises.  The objective of the course to help the team get behind the creation of the vision and then the execution whilst developing them into a high performing team.

If you are a leader or a member of a team that could do with a helping hand to start to develop your common purpose and way of working, this course will guide you through the process.

By providing practical examples and experiences, I can support you to transform good intentions into action!

Please click here to register for the mini-course:  https://weg.wideeyedgroup.com/compelling-vision-course

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