How to create compelling vision, 10 top tips
10 top tips to help leaders create a compelling vision with their teams… This video helps you to make the most of the free download.
Why embracing conflict is important for you and your team
Conflict is something we should embrace not avoid. It helps us to understand different perspectives and grow as a team.
How being aware of your energy levels can help you as a leader
Managing your energy levels and being aware of what energises you is essential to becoming a successful leader.
Why diversity and inclusion must come hand in hand…
Diversity is essential for creating highly performing teams and helps the team to embrace different perspectives.
Why behaviours are more important than objectives
It is important that we address behaviours rather than creating process or objectives to work around poor behaviours.
How to appreciate your team and accept appreciation
Being valued and recognised is such an important part of our work life and all it takes is including appreciation into your routines.
How to motivate yourself and your team…



We are all motivated by different things, it is key that we understand our own motivations as well as other’s.

How to stop doing and starting helping others to do
When moving into a leadership role it is necessary to let go of the doing and start to enable your doers.
Why being a conscious leader is critical for you and your team.
Conscious leaders, who is aware of their impact and considers how they can influence the team, have greater success.
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