Hello, it’s Caroline here from Wide Eyed Group. And today I am talking about energy for leaders which is a little bit ironic because I am low on energy today as you can probably tell I have a bit of a cold. And I thought actually it would be useful to talk about it and think about the fact that as a leader you just have to keep ploughing on, even when you want to shrink back to pjs and get into bed and have a hot drink, which is pretty much where I want to be at the moment.

But carry on I will and it is funny because I was thinking about energy when I was talking to someone recently about their impact when they are working with their team, and how they notice when they come in with low energy, because they are very high energy, very charismatic individual, and when they came in with low energy people started assume something was wrong and it wasn’t.  There was nothing wrong they were just a little low on energy and of course that fed lots of different things that had been going on in people’s minds, any anxious things that they had, is there going to be change or are they angry, whatever it is.

It then made me think about my own experience about impact of energy about how sometimes if could really be a positive force for good, having energy to get people excited behind something but also when my energy could be badly used, maybe overwhelm people because I was excited about getting something done but that excitement came over as being a bit annoyed, a bit frustrated a bit irritated, when actually it was just wanting to get things done.

But it was very important I recognise how important my energy is in terms of the impact it can have on people.

So my thoughts today are that:

As leaders we need to be aware of our energy levels and we need to notice the impact it is having on people. So if people are on a low ebb and you want to bring them up, maybe just use a little bit of energy, it’s kind of like having the volume, the graphic equaliser what it is you can do in order to bring the energy up but not overwhelm or leave people with a feeling of discomfort if low energy. If that high energy maintaining and recognising that you can keep that energy for so long but sometimes you need to let that energy go as well. So just being aware of it.

My next one then is about what happens if you are low on energy and one of the things I think about, I guess you can say this about anything, about being honest. In the case of the leader I mentioned earlier if you just said “guys I am feeling a bit low on energy today I have had I don’t know not much sleep, I am not feeling so good” that will just take away that assumption or the tendency for us to read into the things that aren’t there. So just being honest, let people know where your energy is at particularly if you are someone who has high energy and gets everyone very excited, it can be quite unsettling if you energy is low and people don’t really understand why.

And then finally I think about what it is that helps with your energy, so notice when you are high on energy, what is it that has helped you get there. And notice when you energy is a bit low so obviously for me my energy is a bit low at the moment because I am not feeling a 100% the temptation is just to stay in bed, but to get up and have a shower, I’m going to go for a walk. All of those things will help with my energy and I am already starting to feel much better than if I had just succumbed to it.

I was at a Women In Leadership presentation a few months ago now and they asked me how do I maintain my energy as a leader and it was really funny I hadn’t thought about it before and I said, “sleep”. I am a really good sleeper, so I knew if I had a couple of nights where I didn’t get much sleep because we were working late or we had to start things through the night or stuff like that, then I knew that I would have to make sure that I got a good night sleep in, in order to prepare myself for the energy and also to quickly regain that energy.

So if it’s your diet, exercise just notice and make sure that you keep it in your routine as a leader your energy can have such a positive impact on your team, it could also have a very negative one.

So notice it and be aware of it. I would love to hear your thoughts, when do you feel your most energised, what’s the impact of working with people with low and high energies. So do pop your thoughts down and I look forward to speaking to you soon. Take care, bye bye.

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