Hello it’s Caroline here, talking about some leadership thought I have had.  And today I want to talk to you about appreciation.

What I have noticed when I have worked with team is often that people mention that they don’t feel valued or recognised.  And often they actually think that it is the role of the leader to help them with that, and what I want to talk a little bit about today is everyone’s responsibility in appreciating each other.

I have introduced appreciation rounds in all of my team coaching activities, just including a round at the very end where we appreciate each other.  And it reminded me of one of the times I first did this with a group of technical people, mostly men, and literally was as if I had just suggested they jump off a building.  The look of horror on their faces that they would be appreciating each other for what they had done today in the workshop in that day.  But what was amazing was just how good they were at giving really sincere and succinct appreciation and how wonderful it was to hear it and how it just changed the dynamic in the room.  I also noticed they weren’t terribly good at receiving it so I’ll reflect on that a little bit later.

So my first thought about appreciation and it’s one of those things that grows as a prosocial thing as you appreciate people they will go on and appreciate.  It’s to always be appreciating people, being mindful about something that someone’s has done, being able to thank them in a very sincere way to the point about what it is they have done and the impact it had.  So you know include that in an everyday occurrence, it’s something you do as you start to notice thing and then start to appreciate them in the moment.

The second thing is to just bring it into routines, such as the workshop that I mentioned, you know if you have a team meeting include an appreciation round at the end.  So, helping people to appreciate each other for their contribution within the meeting or maybe some assistance they have given outside the meeting.  Include it in one to ones, appreciate each other at the end of the session.

And finally as I mentioned at the beginning one of the interesting things is because we probably not used to receiving it we often don’t receive it the way it was intended.  And I found myself doing this this week when someone thanked me for something I did, and I said thank you but I don’t think it was all me.  But what I was doing was throwing their appreciation back at them when I should have just thanked them, so thank you for that I appreciate it.

So that’s it for today.  My three thoughts, one have an appreciation in your mind at all times and just become a habit really, include it in your routines, your team meetings and any interactions you have so that you always finish off with an appreciation and third become good at receiving appreciation a simple thank you is all it needs.

I hope that’s provoked some thinking and as always I would love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback.  Also please don’t forget I have my download about creating a compelling vision.  So do check that out.  Otherwise I will speak to you next week, have a good one. Bye bye.

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