Caroline is an exceptional leader, coach and team builder

“Caroline is an exceptional leader, coach and team builder. One of the things I think that sets Caroline apart from most in this field is her extensive experience at the sharp end, in business. She has been there and done it, not just swallowed a textbook. This means she is brilliant at integrating the psychology of people performance with commercial business realities to make a difference at the individual, team and organisation level.


The following were some of her key achievements:

Completely transformed one of our businesses at Sky, creating a high-performing business with impressive financial results

Created a superb people-performance programme at Sky’s Data Partnerships Division, delivering a powerful cultural identity and a step-change in the motivation and morale of her team

Designed and delivered an excellent execute leadership team development for me at Sky, helping to successfully integrate several disparate teams into a complex function of over 600 people

Personally coached a number of executive team, with impressive feedback and has built a strong reputation. She remains a highly in-demand coach and mentor at Sky.”

Tony Mooney, Managing Director, Sky | Insight & Decision Science

Caroline’s approach allows you to explore the kind of leader that you are capable of being

I was reminded of an old saying as I worked with Caroline on my leadership style; “that the whole world is a book and those that have not travelled get to see only one page.” The world of leadership is vast and I had found myself stuck on one page – the page of the leader that I had naturally become. Through working with Caroline I developed a rich understanding of different leadership styles and the applicability of those styles within a business context. Caroline introduced me to a number of tools which enabled me to articulate, to visualise, the kind of leader I wanted to be. She also helped tease out the barriers – largely artificial – which stood between the leader I was and the leader that I needed to be. Caroline’s style is engaging and encouraging. Her knowledge – both of coaching techniques and their practical application at exec level within large organisations – is admirable. I am still enjoying reading the ‘book’ and am indebted to Caroline immensely for giving me the ability to thumb through its pages at will.

Gavin Meggs, Director of Analytics, Sky | Insight & Decision Science

With Caroline's help I have been able to completely change my approach to leadership

Caroline has been an amazing coach to work with, her overall approach and style of coaching encourages you to remove all barriers and properly reflect on how you are approaching a situation.  She has an incredible ability to help you see things entirely differently and totally change your outlook on a situation without you even realising it.  With her help I have been able to completely change my approach to leadership and the positive feedback I have received from my team, has shown how effective a coach she is.  Her questioning style is very unobtrusive and supportive which helps you question yourself and realise you need to adapt.  As a result of these sessions when I am in a situation, which is not going as well as it could, I can hear Caroline behind me with some probing questions about how I am approaching the situation, which has allowed me to change my behaviour in the middle of a meeting. The time and effort she has put into working with me have been invaluable and I truly feel that I am a better leader as a result.

Aileen Baxter, Head of Quantitative Research, Sky | Insight & Decision Science

The results have encouraged me to think differently about my approach in key areas of my working life

I found Caroline’s approach to coaching to be thoughtful, caring, engaging and intelligent. She is clearly well armed with a wealth of tools and techniques, which she encourages you to apply when they will help. I never felt forced to follow a set of steps that I couldn’t see a practical goal for. Caroline also wasn’t afraid to gently but firmly push less comfortable areas of introspection, where she could clearly see the value I would get from the conversation. The results have encouraged me to think differently about my approach in key areas of my working life, and enabled me to recognise a number of self-imposed limitations. For me, it was also helpful to have witnessed Caroline use some of the techniques she was recommending to me first-hand. There’s a natural degree of cynicism that comes with taking advice and guidance from coaches and trainers; thankfully with Caroline comes the credibility of her having being a very successful senior executive who has visibly practiced the tools and techniques she has learnt as a coach. There’s certainly no “magic bullet”, but I feel better armed and more confident as a result of Caroline’s coaching, and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Simon Hill, Director of Insight & Decision Science, Sky UK Ltd

I think one of Caroline’s strengths as a coach is her ability to draw you out of yourself

I’d had an ask out for coaching at a headline level for a number of years, and I was therefore very keen to take advantage of this opportunity with Caroline.  If I’m honest, I didn’t have an in-depth list of the questions I was looking to solve, and I think one of Caroline’s strengths as a coach is her ability to draw you out of yourself and get the questions out on the table to enable them to be worked through.  I welcomed the fact that the sessions had an open agenda each time and didn’t come with a pre-conceived agenda from the previous session – this gave me great freedom to take the conversation where I needed it at that particular time.  As a result, I was consistently amazed that Caroline had techniques to employ in each session that seemed to fit what was required – it is truly a great kit bag for a coach to have.  I feel as though I’ve been on a journey for the past six months and having Caroline’s counsel throughout this time to continually question and coach me has been very welcome.

Zoe Tabraham, Head of Change & Delivery, Sky | Insight & Decision Science

Caroline’s like a little voice on my shoulder gently challenging so that I can be the best “me” I can be

The coaching that I recently had with Caroline has given me even more than I had hoped it would.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but the tools and techniques she has shown me have really made a difference in my day to day life.  When I reflect on what I’ve achieved after a session it always surprises me that actually she hasn’t told me all the answers to my questions nor has she given me a list of actions to get me started.  It’s me who has done all that.  I’ve worked out how I should be doing things differently, what to prioritise and what to let go of, and what my action plan should be.  So why can’t I just do that myself I hear you cry?!  It’s the fact that Caroline is there asking relevant questions as we go along, querying why I say something or feel a certain way to stimulate and change my thinking and then providing me with new tools and techniques to help me address them and achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself.  She’s like a little voice on my shoulder gently challenging so that I can be the best “me” I can be.  And I’ve gone on to share some of the techniques I’ve learnt both with my own team and also in my personal life.  I would heartily recommend 1 to 1 coaching for anyone who is looking to grow in their career.

Amanda Devine, Head of Decision Analytics, Sky | Insight & Decision Science

My outlook has radically changed, and for the first time in many years I am starting to feel an improvement in my sense of wellbeing and happiness

I have been coached by Caroline for a number of months now, and I can honestly say that the process has completely changed the way I think about both my professional and personal life. My outlook on both has radically changed, and for the first time in many years I am starting to feel an improvement in my sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Caroline’s style is gentle but effective – she asks probing questions without being intrusive, and quickly engenders a sense of trust. Her personal approach, combined with her with in-depth knowledge and wide range of skills, meant I felt confident enough to discuss difficult topics, even those that don’t show me in a good light.

One of the main things I discovered during coaching was that I have a very emotional view on past professional achievements and failures. Through Caroline’s coaching I was able to remove myself from the situation and almost view it as a bystander, from a factual rather than emotive perspective. This has enabled me to see how my behaviour impacted the outcome – and how I can now ensure different outcomes going forwards.

Caroline has also enabled me to me to see that the professional goals I had in place were not at all aligned with what brings me fulfilment and a sense of achievement – and this has led me to undertake a big change in career direction.

On a personal level, I have learned a lot about what makes me happy and unhappy and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Using this knowledge in conjunction with my new ability to analyse myself factually, I have found myself able to move forwards in many areas where I had become stagnant; I use my new tools on a daily basis now!

I would highly recommend Caroline’s coaching abilities to anyone, regardless of whether they feel they need it or not

– she’s brilliant!

Debbie Hilton-Barber, Digital Marketing Consultant

A fairly short six month journey that has had an incredible impact and helped me enormously

I’m not sure what I was expecting or where on earth this coaching session would go but I told myself to be open and honest. Although I felt a bit wobbly I was at all times at ease with Caroline. I had initially thought two hours was a bit long for a session but couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew by. The bulk of the time was spent with me talking and Caroline listening, questioning and responding.  At times I was put in the spot but realised this was exactly what I needed. After all it was me talking, I had full choice of what I wanted to say and share and at no point did I feel pressured.

I came away from that first session feeling unexpectedly excited and buoyant about my future. I realised that I had been putting off confronting it whole-heartedly, largely because ‘it’s only me and it doesn’t really matter when everything else in life is good’.

I looked forward to the sessions thereafter, a little bit nervous about having a session over Skype, but again had no cause to be. The sessions took the same sort of format each time, recapping where we left off and steering a journey that most importantly, I felt in control of and happy with. I have absolutely loved it. Not least because I’ve had the opportunity to talk and confront my work crisis, but also because it has made me reflect with a sense of purpose, with a direction in mind. I have come to realise my strengths and interests and as a result have a keen interest to learn more and take my career in new directions in the future.

I am now the Deputy Head of the primary school where I have worked for eight years. I feel excited with my future and the personal skills and expertise I can bring to my role. I had underestimated my capabilities and personal strengths which came out during activities in the sessions. I am about to undertake a course in leadership, management and coaching which in turn I hope will not only help me but also those I work with now and during the course of my career in education. 

I cannot thank Caroline enough for being a pivotal part in the process. The timing couldn’t have been better as I had already done a lot of thinking myself before we began. I was ready to move forward but was struggling to do so by myself. She has a really genuine quality that can support others in this sort of situation, whatever the content of the matter. I would recommend the sessions to anyone in a similar dilemma or moment in their work life where they are not wholly content and have a desire to become so. It has been a fairly short six month journey that has had an incredible impact and helped me enormously.

Pippa Cohen, Deputy Head

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