Build a high-performance team to drive your business forward


Great teams don’t just happen by chance. The best businesses recognise that they need to invest in their teams in order to enjoy continued and lasting success.

A team environment where everyone feels valued, listened to and free to contribute will result in the best results for your organisation. Of course, in the rush of daily business, things aren’t always so simple.

Our team coaching workshops will provide your staff with practical methods and techniques to help them communicate and collaborate more efficiently at work.

Our team coaching approach supports you to:

  • Create congruency by understanding each member’s role and unique contribution.
  • Develop enhanced listening skills and help those who are not often heard.
  • Define the team’s engagement rules, non-negotiable and communication styles.
  • Resolve issues and encourage good rapport that allows individuals to feel heard.
  • Recognise the power of conflict while managing difficult and challenging issues.

Participants who take place in our team coaching programme will:

  • Learn to recognise the individual contributions of each team member and determine a management style that suits everyone, maximising the overall efficiency of the team.
  • Establish a strong team rapport where everyone feels valued and where issues are resolved quickly.
  • Manage difficult and challenging behaviours within the team, without stifling creativity or individuality in the group.
Our Team Coaching Workshops:
Leadership Coach

Why choose Wide Eyed Group?

Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, an executive coach and business consultant with 20 years of technical business experience and a proven record in helping companies tap into hidden leadership talent within their organisations.

By empowering individuals with practical advice and effective collaboration techniques, Caroline helps businesses to maximise productivity and get more from their teams. Her programmes are accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Revolutionise the way your team works Find out how our team coaching programmes could transform your business:

Leadership Coach
Leadership Coach
Leadership Coach

Safety, vulnerability and trust

Understand the power of trust in teams, reflect on the importance of diversity, and create a safe environment where creativity and original ideas are encouraged.

Difficult conversations and giving feedback

Overcome the awkwardness of difficult conversations, manage emotional reactions in a constructive way, and provide useful feedback that will enhance the outcome of your project.

Collaboration and sharing

Discover the secrets of effective collaboration, understand the importance of openness and honesty in a team, and thrive as a business by sharing challenges as well as successes.

Listening and giving easeful attention

Learn how to really listen to colleagues, generate powerful questions that will enhance the output of the team, and run meetings that will transform the effectiveness of your project.

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