Delivering the Vision

Once you have created an engaging vision that everyone feels connected to, the next thing to do is to make it become a reality.  I believe that these 3 stages are critical to making that vision happen:

  1. Strategy creation and action
  2. Connecting the dots
  3. Making it happen
Strategy Creation and Action

Identify the key priorities that will achieve your vision.  These could be something that is lacking or fixing something that is not working. For example:

1) A People pillar or a “way of working”.  This will create the right environment in which the team can thrive and flourish as individuals and team members. Consider objectives such as: clarity of what they expect from each other, to create a culture that is supportive and collaborative.  

2) A Sales pillar that is focussed on creating a new pitch or sales offer.  

3) A Procedural pillar to create new processes and routines that will allow the business to transform into the organisation that the vision defines.  

I recommend that a leader is assigned to each of these pillars, with a max of five pillars, who will create their own visions for these pillars with their team champions.  Create a single combined plan of action, for the pillars, that includes both short and long term activities and identifies the interdependencies between the pillars.

Connecting the Dots

Recruit all of the organisation or department into this programme, aligning everyone to at least one of the pillars.  Create a clear language that brings people together, that is clear and unambiguous.  Work with them to co-create the activities that will deliver the vision.  Create training and coaching programmes that help them attain the required skills.   Ensure that everyone is connected to the programme and understands their role and contribution. In time they will become the champions of the activity and help to promote this initiative.

Making it Happen

Create a programme of work with achievable milestones, which are celebrated: create posters, z-cards, mouse mats and other tangible articles that help it to feel real for everyone.  Do not create a leviathan of a project that will deliver everything in 12 months time.  It is important that the change is felt quickly and the benefits start to be felt across the team.  The activity involves “working on the business”, however is should be felt every day whilst “working in the business”.  Create small steps that can be achieved each week, roll out and test new approaches and start to transform the organisation from within, in small distinct steps.

As the leader, keep everyone honest, maintain the momentum and keep the energy high…  it will be hard work and often people will fall into old habits, gently remind them of their commitment.  The journey is as important as the destination for creating a highly successful business which develops and grows together.

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