Your individually tailored coaching programme

Whether you’re looking for personal leadership mentoring or need an experienced coach to turn your managers into leaders, our executive & leadership coaching programmes can help.

Not everyone is born to lead, but everyone can learn to be a great leader. Our coaching programmes use practical, proven methods to turn promising candidates into effective leaders, helping your business achieve its goals faster.

Participants who take place in our leadership coaching programme will:

  • Define the barriers preventing them from achieving success as a leader, then learn how to overcome them.
  • Develop the practical skills needed to inspire and lead teams, including psychological methods and effective communication techniques.
  • Turn technical knowledge into a team-enhancing, business-transforming style of leadership, contributing to the ongoing success of your organisation.

We are dedicated to helping individuals become the best leaders they can be.

Using a blend of coaching and psychological processes, we support them to:

  • Test their goals and their commitment to achieving them
  • Determine the barriers to their success
  • Identify strategies to overcome them


  • Enhanced leadership skills and an understanding of their impact on teams and stakeholders.
  • Awareness of development needs and an action plan to help meet them.
  • Improved communication skills to support bold, brave and courageous leadership.
  • Actionable approaches and techniques to support transformational change.

A typical engagement would involve one 2-hour session a month over a period of three to six months.

Leadership Coach

Why choose Wide Eyed Group?

Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, an executive coach and business consultant with 20 years of technical business experience and a proven record in helping companies tap into hidden leadership talent within their organisations.

By empowering individuals with practical advice and effective leadership techniques, Caroline helps businesses maximise productivity and get more from their teams. Her programmes are accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Better leadership means better business

Find out how our leadership coaching programme could transform your business: 

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