Developing effective leaders for businesses

Sky constantly strives to develop its leaders. After the company’s Insight and Decision Sciences department highlighted the negative impact that poor leadership was having, we stepped in to help.

Using methods recognised by the International Coach Federation, we began a programme to transform leadership at Sky, with the goal of creating a more positive, collaborative working culture for leaders and their teams.


Our solution

To transform leadership at Sky, we focused on three key areas: culture, behaviour and leadership. Gaining feedback from the department’s 480 team members through surveys allowed us to identify issues that were impacting performance and come up with appropriate solutions.

We held focus groups to train 50 staff members in positive mindset and stress management principles, with participants asked to share their learnings with their immediate teams. Feedback was then shared during a series of round table discussions and social events involving all staff members.

Team leaders, including directors, were formally taught how to effectively delegate and lead, freeing up time to focus on the task of leadership. Knowledge sharing was encouraged, focusing on the good of the team as opposed to individual performance.


The result
  • Our development programme left Sky with a clear course of action to promote positive leader behaviour across the department.
  • Webinars and workshops taught senior leaders and rising talent the importance of leadership and emotional intelligence, allowing them to share knowledge with their teams and establish a positive working culture.
  • An ongoing approach to leadership development means that Sky continues to enjoy the positive effects of our coaching.


“Caroline helped me to see the power of co-creating a vision and purpose with the team, rather than doing it myself and presenting back to them. She overcame my initial skepticism that the team would not be able to add much value in this process due to inexperience and helped show me ways to steer the conversation and elicit their ideas productively.”Anthony Bates, Head of Insight, Sky

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