Maximise Staff Performance with Emotional Intelligence

Up to 45% of professional success can be attributed to emotional intelligence. By striving to improve it, teams will achieve greater things on behalf of their employers.   Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the existence of self-awareness and the awareness of others, coupled with an appreciation of the impact we can have on others.

With emotional intelligence, team members can connect with different people at different levels and get the best from them at all times. Caroline is certified to deliver the EQ-i workplace, EQ360 and Leadership EQ-i assessments and the Roche Martin Emotional Capital Reports: Self and 360 assessments, giving you a choice of two delivery mechanisms.

These are all supported by Emotional Intelligence workshops that help your team to develop their EI capability together. Emotional intelligence consists of both self-awareness and awareness of others. It is a vital skill in collaborative environments such as business, allowing people to share their ideas more effectively and focus on delivering projects successfully.


Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves, and our relationships. 

Daniel Goleman 1998

Emotional intelligence practitioner for Rochemartin

Why choose Wide Eyed? 

Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, an executive coach and business consultant with 20 years of experience helping companies to tap into hidden talent within their teams. By empowering individuals with practical advice and effective techniques for improving emotional intelligence, Caroline helps businesses to maximise productivity and get more from their teams. Her programmes are accredited by the International Coach Federation.  

Build emotional intelligence in your team Find out how our emotional intelligence services could transform your business:

Emotional Capital Workshop

Our emotional intelligence workshop and report service are designed to help businesses build emotional intelligence within their teams, achieving more as a result. Caroline is accredited as a Master Practitioner by RocheMartin, world-renowned experts in leadership and emotional intelligence.

This workshop provides the group with an appreciation of what makes Emotional Intelligence.  It is a practical review of what constitutes emotional intelligence with exercises to help the delegates to reflect on their own approaches and styles.

Understanding how their emotional responses are working for them, the impact on themselves, their self-awareness, how they are received and perceived by others.  We will reflect on Stress Management approaches, Decision Making, Self-control, Relationship Skills and developing one’s own Self-Awareness and Self-Belief.


This workshop is for you:

  • If you are struggling to engage and build relationships with different people in your organisation.
  • If you are having trouble making decisions.
  • If your ability to express yourself is inhibited and you feel you are editing yourself.
  • If you are struggling to manage stress and bounce back from difficult situations.
  • If you struggle to face up to difficult or challenging conversations.

The outcomes of this workshop:

  • Begins the journey of self-awareness and awareness of your impact on others.
  • Recognise how we manage different and difficult situations.
  • Adapt our styles to different people and develop relationships.
  • How to develop resilience and learn from our past experiences.
  • To recognise and leverage strengths.
  • Identify how you will support each other after the workshop

After working through exercises as a group, individuals will be ready to review their own report.

  • A group workshop that provides the foundation for understanding and appreciating emotional intelligence.
  • Allows team members to improve their own emotional intelligence through personal development, building skills in 10 key areas.
  • Workbooks are provided, with exercises designed to improve the emotional intelligence of each individual within the team.
Emotional Intelligence: Assessment and Feedback

These assessments provide a comprehensive interpretation of an individual’s leadership potential.  The assessment includes both a self-generated report and 360 feedback from colleagues including manager, direct reports, peers and others.

  • A development tool that determines the leadership potential of team members by assessing and scoring emotional intelligence.
  • Includes a full report of the findings, post-assessment review and a tailored action plan for each team member.


For the EQ-i assessment we use the Emotional Intelligence framework across the 5 composites and 3 sub scales per composite, to assess the individual across their emotional intelligence and provide them with an Emotional Intelligence score.  This can be delivered as a workplace report or as leadership report for the leaders in your business.


For the Roche Martin assessment, there are 10 emotional and social competences linked to effective leadership, a score on a validity scale which measure positive response bias, and a Total Emotional Capital score.

The reports contain a narrative of each of the leadership behaviours associated with each score, coaching strategies for developing their skills and an action plan for their development.

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