Transforming a business to fulfil its potential

Digital marketing solution provider smartFOCUS Ltd needed to improve its approach to project delivery. This software as a service (SAAS) business had over 400 clients, as well as 140 members of staff spread across four countries. It needed help with reviewing its current processes, people, skills and technology to maximise the potential of projects in terms of revenue and downstream opportunities.


Our solution

By putting the client at the heart of our process, we formulated a complete transformation for smartFOCUS Ltd, from sales and delivery teams to service management.

Leveraging key skills within the business allowed us to define more efficient processes and procedures for the client. Our approach involved engaging with every member of staff to create a bespoke and intuitive new system, making the most of existing assets and providing a solution that took into account the needs of each team member.

The new approach was piloted on a client project, and demonstrated immediate success. It was soon deployed across all client engagements, leading to a more effective and cohesive team dynamic.


The result
  • With a simplified and standardised set of processes across the entire business, smartFOCUS Ltd has been able to maximise its revenues, identify repeatable activities and deliver projects to time, quality and budget.
  • A common language throughout the company means that team members can rely on one another to work consistently and efficiently for the duration of each project.
  • Having successfully piloted in the UK, the new approach has been rolled out across European and US offices.


“Caroline is a broadly talented individual with strong strategic capability, fantastic people and management skills, rich experience, passion and drive. She was really great to work with and will continue to bring success to any organisation she is involved in.” –  Henry Smith, Client Services Director, smartFOCUS LTD


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