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3 Steps to Enabling a Great Leader…

As a leader, the importance of recognising one’s worth as an enabler rather than an extremely competent doer is essential.  If you do not do this you will negatively impact the team, end up doing more work yourself and be less competent than you were before you were...

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How to Create New Habits…

Why do the "n" habits of a successful person not work for me ... This is something I hear when I work with my coaching clients, who have bought a book, that offers some magic cure to their woes.  My view is that they don't work because one size does not fit all,...

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Stop Doing and Start Leading

I have worked with many STEM professionals, who have either sought to be promoted to a leadership role or have found themselves in one through merit.  They often are looking to be recognised for their expertise and when they find themselves in the new role are...

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You, Me and My Ego

How many of you are in the room during your individual client coaching sessions?  It seems like an unnecessary question, why? 2 of course: my client and me.  I would challenge you to ensure that is stays that way, as I challenge myself and question when is my ego...

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