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How to have a Difficult Conversation

Have you ever had to have a challenging conversation and not known how to go about it? Whether you call them difficult conversation or constructive conversations or courageous conversations, what we are really talking about is a conversation that you might normally...

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Creating a Compelling Vision: Free Webinar

Articulating what you do Whether you are the CEO of your business or a leader of a team within your organisation, being able to articulate what you do and engage the team around your vision is essential to delivering your business success. Unlocking your potential As...

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How to Make New Habits Stick

  Habits are fascinating things, we unconsciously form some habits like biting our nails, whilst consciously trying to give up some or create new ones.   So, if a habit is something we can do both consciously and unconsciously, why is creating a new one so...

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How to Deliver to Your Vision

Delivering the Vision Once you have created an engaging vision that everyone feels connected to, the next thing to do is to make it become a reality.  I believe that these 3 stages are critical to making that vision happen: Strategy creation and action Connecting the...

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