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Sometimes, ‘business as usual’ isn’t good enough. If you’re experiencing problems within your team and need a professional coach to fix them permanently, Wide Eyed Group is here for you.

Things move fast in the corporate world. It can feel like there’s no time to focus on personal development, leadership training or team building.

Yet by neglecting these key growth areas, businesses suffer numerous negative consequences: long-tail projects that never seem to end, high levels of attrition that cost time and money, inconsistent touch points that lead to dissatisfied clients.

By working with Wide Eyed Group, you’ll overcome these issues for good with a long-term strategy for continued success within your team.

Our clients experience:

– Reduced staff turnover

– Better collaboration within teams

– Improved leadership at all levels

– Knowledge sharing between team members

– Consistent business-wide processes to simplify daily operations

Leading from the front

Wide Eyed Group was founded by Caroline Morris, a professional business and leadership coach with 20 years of practical experience in the industry. Having spent her career working predominantly with data and technology businesses – building countless databases, programmes and interfaces – she can more than hold her own in any technical discussion.

Her background also means she understands the particular pressures faced within technical teams. Like the cultural barriers that can exist between logical, technically-minded data scientists and their extroverted, fast-paced colleagues in sales and marketing. Or the challenges of moving into a leadership position after excelling in a more practical ‘doer’ role.

Caroline’s coaching style is adaptable, slotting seamlessly into any organisation and providing actionable strategies that teams can use to transform their way of working.

What our clients say

“Caroline brings huge credibility to what she does. She knows the detail of the tasks required and has a wealth of operational experience, which means that individuals of all kinds relate to and respect her, and want to work with and learn from her. However, it is her coaching and leadership skills that place her in the transformational consultancy space. I have learnt a lot from working with her already and look forward to continuing to do so.” – Annick Ireland, CMO, Ascential Events

“I found Carolines approach to coaching to be thoughtful, caring, engaging and intelligent. She is well-armed with a wealth of tools and techniques, which she encourages you to apply when they will help. I never felt forced to follow a set of steps that I couldnt see a practical goal for. The results have encouraged me to think differently about my approach in key areas of my working life, and enabled me to recognise a number of self-imposed limitations.” – Simon Hill, Director of Insight and Decision Science, Sky

“Through Carolines coaching I was able to remove myself from the situation and view things from a factual rather than emotive perspective. This has enabled me to see how my behaviour impacted the outcome and how I can now ensure different outcomes going forwards. Caroline has also enabled me to me to see that the professional goals I had in place were not at all aligned with what brings me fulfilment and a sense of achievement. This has led me to undertake a big change in career direction.”Debbie Hilton-Barber, Digital Marketing Consultant

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Time for a change

For a smarter approach to business, leadership and team management, contact Wide Eyed Group today.

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