Transformative coaching for business leaders and their teams

Every business faces challenges. Some of them can be navigated relatively easily. But there are times when you need an outside perspective to set you back on track.

At Wide Eyed Group we work with business leaders and their teams, uncovering what’s really going on beneath the surface and using proven coaching techniques to create lasting change.

Meet our Founder

With 20 years of technical industry experience working with companies like Sky and Ascential, Wide Eyed Group founder Caroline Morris is not your average coach. She blends razor sharp technical and business acumen with powerful coaching tools, resulting in a holistic approach that gets results.
Case Studies

Proven techniques for better business

We know we can help turn your managers into leaders, and improve the performance of their teams. But don’t take our word for it. Find out exactly how we’ve helped other clients tackle problems they didn’t even always realise they had in our detailed case studies.
Success Stories

A few words from some of the leaders we've worked with...

“I worked with Caroline through a number of sessions on leadership, including one on how I can get my team bought into a vision and objectives. The journey of going through the process together and arriving at a shared outcome was much more powerful than a top down cascade. It is now much more part of our DNA than it would have been otherwise. I’m also looking at other areas where I can stretch the team by getting them to think about ways of working and building a positive culture.” – Anthony Bates, Head of Insight, Sky

A few words from some of the leaders we've worked with...

“Caroline brings huge credibility to what she does. She knows the detail of the tasks required and has a wealth of operational experience, which means that individuals of all kinds relate to and respect her, and want to work with and learn from her. However, it is her coaching and leadership skills that place her in the transformational consultancy space. I have learnt a lot from working with her already and look forward to continuing to do so.” – Annick Ireland, CMO, Ascential Events

A few words from some of the leaders we've worked with...

“What I enjoyed when working with Caroline was the practical examples. So often you go on training courses and are taught the theory but not the practical application. I left Caroline’s training having a clear idea how I could implement the approaches.” – Claire Tulloch, Head of Content, Ascential Events

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